Do you need a Wellness Writer for your Business, Book or Brand?

         Are you in the business of Wellness Travel, Nutrition, or Skincare, looking for a Wellness writer who can make your message shine?

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What is a Wellness Writer?


Hi, I’m Nicole Salinger, and I am a Wellness Writer. I create positive, nurturing worded language that will make your readers feel inspired to take care of their health and wellbeing. A soft tone is often used, coupled with a language that is gentle, wise and has a sense of flow about it. Readers come away with wellness content feeling at peace with themselves.

What Nicole Salinger Wellness Writer Can Offer You


I write specific content for personal brands and businesses in the booming health and wellness industry.

I write inspirational content that brings out your brand’s message, mission and vision.



Why A  Wellness Writer?

You may be a Wellness Travel Company, needing health and wellness infused content for your travel agency, hotel or overseas resort.


You may be a wellness coach or studio needing promotional material for your new business!

You may need a visionary writer and content creator that will change and transform the Mission, belief and purpose for your Wellness business or organisation.


What Kinds Of Businesses Are In The Wellness Fields?





Mindfulness Coaches



Massage Therapists


Nutritional Brands

Supplement Brands

Alternative Médecine Brands

Health and Beauty Brands

Corporate Wellness Businesses

Cosmetic Practitioners

Sports Drink Brands

Organic Brands


Example 1. Web Work:



Example 2. Wellness Quote:



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