Do you need a Travel Writer for your Business, Book or Brand?  

Are you looking for fresh health and wellness inspired content for your Company’s travel brochures or itinerary?

Are you looking for a compelling voice for your new Wellness division for your travel business, hotel chain or resort?


What is a Travel Writer?


I’m Nicole Salinger, a travel writer who writes uplifting travel content for web, print and social media. I will transform your travel articles, luxury travel website and promotional material into engaging, compelling and insightful travel content. A travel writer specializes in uplifting people’s moods and spirits through creating exciting and adventurous travel words for would-be travelers. Travel companies and their clients are in need of this kind of travel content, especially when it comes to creating brochures and other content driven material. Readers, clients and customers are almost always looking for guidance and direction. A travel writer sets the scene for your mind to get away and relax on a great holiday with your family, with friends, with loved ones, or even as a romantic adventure. As a travel writer, you are a responsibility in helping clients make decisions with your inviting words.


What Nicole Salinger Travel Writer Can Offer You:


I can rewrite your travel or hotel website to bring out your company’s message, mission and vision.

I write inspirational, transformational travel content that can make your company’s articles stand out.

I write in a meaningful and insightful way, that will and engage your travel audience in feeling uplifted and inspired to go on a holiday that you are selling!


Why Would I Require A Travel Writer?

You may need a travel content writer to assist you with your company’s brochures and other promotional material on a full- time basis.

You may be putting together a travel book, or publication for your travel expo, needing some refreshing,‘forward thinking’ content to excite your readers and corporate clients!

You may need an inspiring wellness travel article writer for your blog or hotel’s website.

What Kinds Of Businesses Would Require a Travel Writer?

The Travel Industry

Hotel Chains

Yoga Retreats

Resort and Spas

Wellness Travel Companies

Adventure Holidays

Travel Publications

Travel Website


Example 1. Travel Article For A Brochure:


Example2. Travel Content for your Small Business:



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