“Whether its “Mind, Body, Spirit” Content you need for your Wellness Spa, Uplifting Web Content for your new Website, or a Spiritual Contributor for your online magazine, make a difference in the world, with heart- centered words of hope and clarity that speak of soul purpose.”

Client: Spiritual Fitness – A Spiritual Self – help Network of 10,000 followers
What it is: Spiritual Fitness, by Nicole Salinger, is a blog to uplift your Mind, Body and Spirit.
Project: Facebook Post,’ A Spiritual Awakening’
Sample: There is nothing so profound to your life’s path than a Spiritual Awakening experience. Whether it comes in a splash, a wave, or a thunderstorm, it may finally be a sign to unlock your heart, to surrender gracefully, and let the vast, expansive, loving energy of your Mind, Body and Spirit back into the balance of your entire being, with a nurturing, infinite loving embrace. Use your new eyes to unveil the barrage of truths about your life, your path and your truest essence. See things and people and situations through a new light. Revel in the Unveiling. This is your time to throw your truth to the universe.  So pop open your new bottle of Spirit. Let it’s shimmering embers slowly starts to spew forth like a rainbow – filled waterfall of repressed longings, forgotten dreams, and sacred inner knowledge. Release it all my lovelies. After many months, your spiritual bottle will eventually empty its abundant tide, and resettle, ready for physical and mental renewal. X

Client: Spiritual Fitness Directory
What it is: Spiritual Fitness Directory, is a Spiritual Website based in the UK.
Project: Spiritual Article, ‘Crossing Magical Paths – Meeting Our Spiritual Family’

In life, we are born into a certain family. We are loved, nurtured and are taught about life through their eyes. Soon, we grow older, and life goes along, and sweeps us away, and we start to gain life experience.

Once we set forth on our path, amazing things start to happen. We take leaps of faith, we take courageous steps, we learn amazing skills, and most importantly, we begin crossing magical paths…meeting our Spiritual family, who help us, who teach us about ourselves, and whose ideas and ways helpus towards achieving inner fulfillment.

This can be a best – friend of over 25 years that feels like a soul – sister to you. It could be an old friend from high school who may live on the other side of the world, but when you see them over the years, somehow you are able to begin your connection again, from where you left off, effortlessly. It can also be a new parent you might meet in the school’s playground, or a friend from college or uni that you roomed with. These friendships are true, cosmic, and areone of life’s greatest mysteries because they defy time and distance….

It’s as if the universe has a plan for your journey.. and has chosen certain people to help take you through that road in your life. I call these walking angels in my life “Spiritual Family”: At first, when you meet them, you feel like you’ve known this person before, like an instant “Kindred Spirit Connection.” You just connect on a level without effort. Like a sister or brother, like a father figure, a mother figure, someone who becomes part of your extended family… It’s a magical recognition, something that you can’t quite explain, just the feeling of FAMILY…

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Client: Your Peak State
What it is: Your Peak State, is a motivational blog based in Ireland.
Project: Article, ‘Spiritual Teachers Among Us’.
Sample: Today I want to talk about the greatest role ever given upon mankind, a role that centuries ago, was once believed to be a gift sent down from the Gods. A role with powers of such great magnitude, bestowed upon those who demonstrated qualities of inner knowing, of great instinctual genius, of such humility and passion. A role that contained such responsibility, such powerful forward thinking ideals that most young minds or even the likes of royalty, relied upon them for guidance, strength, support and understanding. For the role I talk about today, is and will always be, the sacred job of the Master Teacher.

In the 21st Century, we still hold teachers in great regard, as they are hired to spend precious hours teaching our children in kindergartens, primary schools and high schools. Others choose to go on an enlightened academic path as leading lecturers at Universities and Colleges across the world. No doubt, I hold great respect for these special individuals and I cannot deny how gifted their chosen path is, and how they so valiantly take the reins of their responsibilty to create greatness in others. They are called our Spiritual Teachers..

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Client: Spiritual Fitness
What it is: Spiritual Fitness, is a motivational blog for your Spiritual Wellbeing.
Project: Article, ‘Stop Comparing Yourself’- Spirituality vs. Social Media.
Sample: Is your self esteem starting to take a slow, corrosive beating everytime you see picture perfect images of the social lives of your 500 or more friends, aquaintances, work colleagues, your hairdresser, your manicurist, your third cousin and your ex best friend who conveniently keeps you as a friend so they could still show you how great their life is without you?

I mean, do you sometimes feel that your friend’s carefully crafted posted images on Facebook are displayed with a hint of subtle bragging? Of rose coloured mischieviousness? As if displaying their seemingly normal lives in a heightened, more exaggerated way will change your perception of them to one of highlighted adoration, and idealistic worship….versus your singular inadequacy… of their exciting, picture perfect lives, and your boring, insignificant one?

Of course I am exaggerating….your life is amazing!!! But in truth, and in reality….does any of this sound familiar? Do you know any Facebook addicts?

I mean, I’m a big fan of Social Media. I think it’s great if you choose to be on it if you are living away from family and friends, and want to share photos with them. I also think its great for your business, your marketing can be incredibly cost-effective, thus making your product or service more relatable to your clients.


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Client: The Open Mind
What it is: The Open Mind is an educational and spiritual website.
Project: Article, ‘The 5 Ways To Create Emotional Boundaries’.
Sample: Is it time to protect your own energy space?

In life, we encounter many different kinds of energetic frequencies. Some are high, some are middle ground, and some are low level energies.

Alternatively, Multi – layered energies can also sometimes feel like the seasonal changes of unpredictable weather, like the calm before the storm, or the different sounds of cars whizzing past, back and forth on a busy road.

Most of us are not fazed by any energies at all.. we are desensitized to them. However, others are so sensitive to them, they feel like their bodies are open vessels for energy to flow through, no matter what frequency it is, and who it is coming from.

If you are this kind of highly sensitized person like I am, you might experience roadblocks with particular negative and toxic people in your spiritual space because you become encapsulated by their very strong energy, and unfortunately, you do unknowingly sponge up all their low level vibrations.

In fact, the negative vibes you may be experiencing roadblock you so much that you start feeling trapped, paralysed with fear, zapped, tired and even depressed around that person.

So the solution is that some of us have to create imaginary boundaries in order to protect our inner spirits from harm. After all, don’t we all want the emotional freedom to exist happily within ourselves and lovingly with everyone around us?

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Client: Spiritual Fitness
What it is: ‘Spiritual Fitness’ is a motivational blog and self – help support site for one’s Spiritual Wellbeing.
Project: Article ‘Let’s Talk About Love’, is an inspirational article about the glory of loving yourself, and how to harness it physically within yourself.
Sample: Today I want to talk about LOVE. The mysterious and spellbinding subject of magical, glorious love. When it comes to describing it, we think of roses, we thinks of hearts, we think of fairy tales, we think of Mr. Prince Charming or Cinderella arriving at our door, ready to COMPLETE us, or even better, ready to SAVE us. Some people may define that as love, as a kind of instant infatuation, as a heightened feeling of Romantacised Love. But lately, I’ve learnt that there also exists a different kind of love in relationships….and that is the pocket of love that you have for yourself, called Self- love.
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