“A dose of high altitude content can inspire and motivate. Whether it’s a Motivational article for your publication, or a small E-book to peak your reader’s interest, words with a Motivational tone can draw out your message from a winning perspective. Revamp your message. Rediscover your Mission. With words to subscribe to your lengthy vision.”

Client: Career Change Happens
What it is: Career Change Happens is a movement that aims to inspire, support, and empower women to be all they can be in work and life. Giving women the strategies to gain direction, clarify and achieve goals, develop inner and outer confidence, strengthen resolve, and maintain control over decisions to ensure positive futures in all aspects of life.
Project: Body Image Article, A Message To Our Daughters
Sample: And as I punch and punch… I start to relax into a faster rhythm and I take note of my raw emotions slowly bubbling up to the surface… because my body is in full force, like a warrior, ready to go into battle… yet again…
You see, and herein lies my own battle…
Well, actually a fairly universal battle that many of us women share at one point or another, throughout our lifetime.
It is the one and only battle that exists solely in our minds… It could last 5 minutes… a day… or a lifetime… and that battle is…
The fight to develop a positive body image for ourselves.
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Client: Bodysculpt PT
What it is: BodySculpt PT,  is a private personal training studio based in Melbourne.
Project: Motivational Article, ‘The Monument Of You’.
Sample: Now, when we think of a monument, we usually imagine a finished object or statue, standing tall and strong in the sunlight against the backdrop of a glimmering waterfall, representing a hero or some historical figure that deserves remembrance and utter respect.

But why shouldn’t YOU be any different? In YOUR everyday life, why shouldn’t YOU also think of yourself as a statue worth honoring? Starting with the resolve of a warrior, ready and determined to conquer and challenge your body to feel as strong as a monumental HUMAN BEING?

Entering a fitness studio or gym is the very place we can create our inner and outer monuments. It is like entering a holy temple of honor, as every participant is there for a purpose. Every one there has a monument to build, a fortress to strengthen, and a border to protect. Everyone is there to get in shape, to get in on the action, to change and transform into their very best, to become their own masterpiece in the making, and their very own work of art that they are keen to display to the world.

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Client: Your Peak State
What it is: Your Peak State is a motivational blog based in Ireland.
Project: Motivational Article, ‘How To Go Cyber Free And Reboot Your Life’.

So, if this feeling applies to you, if you find that the only way you can relax is by turning on your mobile phone, then are they the new answer to our inner peace and meditative stillness? If what you see in the world around you is a reflection of who you are, does that mean that we are just robotic humans turning to technology to chill out in a computerized playland?

At times, I know that life can certainly feel very robotic, and quite stressful. So in our down time, we need to relax, unwind, and recharge. But most of us are doing ourselves more harm than good by taking ourselves out of reality and just gazing at other people’s picture perfect lives on Facebook or other Social Media. Are we starting to warp our minds and perceive that our lives are worth nothing? As a “Voyeur” shouldn’t you be questioning your actions about why YOU are the one sitting back and watching life go by? And if so, why aren’t YOU taking action and really participating in the joy of living your OWN LIFE?

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Client: Spiritual Fitness
What it is: Spiritual Fitness is a motivational blog for your Spiritual Wellbeing.
Project: Motivational Article, ‘Let’s Talk About Fear’.
Sample: Today I want to talk about fear. That scary, paralytic type of fear, the kind that stops you in your tracks, that makes you want to stop whatever it is you are doing or trying to achieve and just give up on yourself, because the phantom stranger called fear is lurking over your shoulder, and you are trying so desperately to hide from it, like a child trying to hide from it’s own shadow.

I could name you a ton of fears, it could be the fear of dissaproval, the fear of looking silly…the fear of rejection, the fear of putting yourself out there to show your winning brilliance.. it can go on and on…

But here’s the thing, what if we became friends with our fears? What if we just decided to do a scary task anyway, and just give something a go, no matter how big, no matter how small? Imagine your fear just stepping aside, doing a booty shake, giving you a high five, and just letting you pass through that zone of fearlessness?


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Client: Spiritual Fitness – Ebook Excerpt
What it is: The Power Of You is an upcoming Ebook from the Spiritual Fitness Ebook Collection, books that are written for women who need to redefine their lives.
Project: Teaser Article, ‘She Needed A Hero, So Thats What She Became’.
Sample: In the midst of your life’s path, sometimes personal challenges will be thrown towards you. To test your resolve. To challenge your mindset. To throw you in the deep end. At the moment, you may be experiencing these exact blows. Blows to your head, your mind, and your character. You may be sitting blankly in darkness, not knowing or understanding why certain circumstances have happened to you. Yes, perhaps there is a journey to be had that is ahead of you. Yes, there may be harsh lessons to learn. Yes, you may need time to heal and build yourself back up again, with tears, fears, and finally, the courage to unveil your truest self, good or bad, to the world. But there is a greater picture at play, my lovelies. A far greater picture that the universe wants for you.
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