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Client: Travel Brochure Sample
What it is: I wrote a promotional piece of 250 words about Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.
It remains as part of my travel writing portfolio.
Project: ‘Welcome to Table Mountain’
Sample: Located 1085m above the bustling cityscape of Cape Town, South Africa, lies Table Mountain, the 7th wonder of nature in the world. Consisting of layers of sandstone and granite formed by volcanic and glacial action 520 million years ago, it is 6 times older than the Himalayas, making it one of the oldest mountains in the world. Once you land in Cape Town, you can see why this tall, protective mountain is so full of magical energy. Whether you are lazing on the beaches of Camps Bay or Clifton Beach, or watching the boats go by at The Waterfront, Table Mountain busily breathes life onto the entire city, laying out a nurturing tablecloth of rolling clouds over it’s very top like billowing fabric.  It effortlessly invites you into it’s majestic glory, filling you up with the soulful life of Cape Town’s cultural landscape.
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Client: Spiritual Fitness Directory – ‘Yoga Retreat’ Promotional Article
What it is: Spiritual Fitness Directory is an online directory of Spiritual Interests, including Yoga. They take corporate groups on Spiritual Yoga retreats and adventures in Ibiza, Spain. Amanda, the owner, asked me to write a persuasive article blog to use to promote her business, and to entice more corporate clients to book her holiday packages.
Project: Article, ‘A Spiritual Retreat’
Sample: The trip that you are choosing to go on is called a Spiritual Retreat, a tranquil, peaceful place that you visit in your life that helps you relax, that puts you in a frame of mind so you can redefine yourself and your own thought systems, away from the clutter of manic energies surrounding your current lifestyle. You may be traveling alone, or with a companion or two. Whichever the case, this is going to be a period of time where you are going to try and silence your mind and quieten your energies down, and bask in the stillness of Mother Nature’s loving breeziness around you, for she will start by asking you to breathe alongside her.
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Client: Metacorr- Health & Wellness Article
What it is: Metacorr is an outdoor fitness company that motivates all women to get fit and healthy.
Project: Article, ‘How To Look Great In A Bikini’.
Sample: Now, collectively, we know how much work it takes to get a bikini body, and we know already that you are beautiful inside and out, so that’s a given. We know that a good, balanced diet plays a role. A concentrated mix of cardio and conditioning exercises, week in, week out at Bootcamp, will keep you in shape and boost your metabolism. We also know that the friends you’ve now made at bootcamp have already, or will become, your greatest support network ever.

So, having been a recent “bikini converter” myself, at the ripe age of 45, I’ve explored this topic many a time within my own head, and I’ve come up with some very fun and interesting tools and tricks that you can think about so you can also feel great in a bikini…

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Client: Wise Women Canada – Parenting Article
What it is: Wise Women Canada is an insightful and progressive Canadian blog for Women. It is run by stylist, Elizabeth Wiener, and psychotherapist, Lisa Brookman.
Project: Article, ‘Parenting – A Labour Of Love’.

In life, there comes a defining moment in our lives when we are hit by “The Parenting Bug”.

I remember it like yesterday. Many years ago, a close friend had just had a baby, and I was completely enamored by the love around her. Her joy, her elation, her sense of completeness and protectiveness at this time of her life. So much so, that a year later, I too experienced my Labour of Love, and gave birth to my first son Noah, who I also fell in love with immediately. He was the single most precious gift that I brought into the world, and I felt so lucky and so blessed.

Did any of you ever feel the same?

I felt like I was touched by a slice of heaven.

Since then, I believe that parenthood happens to be one of the greatest experiences of our adult lives. As parents, we play the vital source of providing emotional, mental, physical and spiritual nourishment to our children. Our affectionate kisses and hugs feed their security and our love and attention becomes their source of self esteem.

But at times, as they get older…. it can be challenging…. no matter if your have two or four… if you are married or single .. as we are thrust into being role models for our children …the single most important role in our children’s lives.

And we pray to the universe that our efforts are well worth the hard work and time we put in!

So how can we get excited and motivated by this responsibility when it is so challenging, when it seems to take over your life, and sometimes even your DREAMS?

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Client: Wise Women Canada –  Coming Of Age Article
What it is: Wise Women Canada is an insightful and progressive Canadian blog for Women. It is run by stylist, Elizabeth Wiener, and psychotherapist, Lisa Brookman.
Project: Article, ‘Growing Your Circle Of Greatness – The Magic Of Female Friendships’.
Sample: In my life, I have always cherished my girlfriends and our everlasting friendships.

Some people can choose to have a few close friends, a handful really, or they could be the kind of person who has a revolving door of friendships, either way, non- withstanding, a friendship between women can sometimes feel as close as a soul – sister connection, but as I warily learnt from a very young age, it can also sometimes be shrouded under a lucid cloud of mystery.

Female energies vary greatly, and there are many kinds of women that form little inclusive groups, a safe gathering of like minded kindred Spirits. But if we dig even further, some may describe female energy too as a delectable triple layer cake… a top layer of abundant, radiant energy, while safely protecting a middle layer of secrecy and trust, and lying beneath, a multilayered treasure trove of fear, strength , weakness and loyalty.

As a teenager, I was always open and hopeful with my female friendships, albeit a little fearful at times of being excluded, as it is normal for young girls. And, although I had a happy outlook, and was quite fearless, I still was a little too trusting, often looking to be led and guided because I just wanted to be accepted and included, for I did not yet know the power I had in my own uniqueness.

For example, one summer, at the tender age of 14, I decided to test my resolve and try a new summer camping experience. So…I left my old camp behind, broke out of my comfort zone…… and dove headfirst into a sea of anonymity and pressure to make new friends in an inclusive “cool” environment. It was a shock to say the least. I just hit a communicative roadblock, and it baffled and overwhelmed me as to why I felt I could not fit in and be accepted?


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Client: Your Peak State –  Article on Digital Addiction
What it is: Your Peak State is a motivational personal development blog based in Ireland.
Project: Article, ‘Mindfulness VS. the Digital Age – Regroup Your Spirit’.

Instagram. Facebook. Tumblr. Twitter…

Don’t you just love the Digital Age?

I’m talking about Google, You Tube… and how it keep us in touch with our friends and family across the world, across time zones, across nations, bringing us all together to making the world a smaller place to share things with each other, like photos, and videos, to keep us connected via our interests, via our views of the world.

But after 10 years of self navigating through these new communicative tools of the Google-actic trade, there are many things I have noticed about the effects of Social Media when it is used from a Social perspective, and how it effects us Emotionally and Spiritually within.


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