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What Is A Fitness Writer?


A fitness Writer is a qualified fitness professional who writes insightful, fitness content for your audience’s Physical Wellbeing. A fitness writer’s skill is unique, as they understand the passion and drive for the Fitness Industry. Every fitness business needs a voice. Every Fitness brand has a story to tell.


What Nicole Salinger Fitness Writer Can Offer You

I brings out your Fitness Businesses’ voice and message from a winning perspective.

I write inspirational, transformational content to make your fitness magazine articles stand out.

I write in a meaningful, insightful way, to bring out your company’s message,mission and vision.

I engage your audience in feeling uplifted and inspired.

Why Would You Require A Fitness Writer?

You may need a fitness writer to do all your marketing and communications for your gym.

You may be putting together a fitness event, needing a motivational fitness writer to create your promotional marketing for you.

You may need a fitness article writer for your blog or  someone to rewrite your personal training website.  My passion is to carefully craft your Fitness, Health or Wellness Content by listening, guiding and becoming the voice for your business or organization.

What Kind Of Businesses Would Require A Fitness Writer?



Pilates Studios

Personal Trainers

Fitness Companies

Fitness Websites

Fitness Instructors

Gym Wear Brands

Example 1. Header Design For Newsletter:




Example 2. Blog Articles For Monthly Newsletters:




Example 3. Quote For Weekly Motivation:




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