Whether its fresh, Motivational Web Content you need for your Fitness Website, a Fitness Blogger to compliment your new Personal Training business, or a Guest Contributor for your Fitness Magazine, I will energize you with fresh content that reaches out and captures your audience …”

Client: ‘Get A Life Australia’ – TV Show Writer & Reviewer
What it is: Get A Life was an Australian produced television show that ran for 12 episodes on Channel 7s 4ME Channel. It ran from November 2015 – Jan 2016. It was an educational and inspirational Wellness Program for people wanting to create their best life. It shared tips on Health, Fitness, and your Wellbeing.
Project: Get a Life Article – Episode 3 – ‘Today Is A New Beginning’
Sample: Having a Personal Trainer starts you on your road not only to Fitness, but also to Clarity. This is because you are starting to move your body in ways that will be new to you, and you’ll start to concentrate on the moves and exercises, and less on your thoughts. Exercising is like a meditation. You can turn off your thoughts while letting your body take over. In fitness speak, this is called “Being In The Zone”, which refers to the feeling of being in the present moment in your activity, and letting your mind relax while your are expending physical energy and letting your heart pump and your muscles move. Your release of physical energy opens up your mind and soul as well, so your free flowing energy is circling around you even after you’ve finished your fitness regime. No wonder we feel so good after doing our physical activity! And it’s no wonder that we become motivated more and more to create our own fitness success stories!
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Client: Your Peak State – Fitness Blog Article
What it is: Your Peak State is a motivational, personal development site dedicated to helping people all over the world achieve success.
Project: Article ‘How Fitness Changed My Life’
Sample: Luckily, at the time, Fitness came my way. I walked into a new gym and became confident in a couple of classes. Push came to shove, and it wasn’t long before I was coaxed into becoming an instructor in those programs I loved. I started teaching them, and my fitness journey began. For three years not only were my physical changes met, but this experience also challenged my mind. I learnt technique of movement, precision, teaching methods and choreography. But most of all, I realized how I could motivate others, creating a purpose and atmosphere for the sessions to run smoothly. But my actual transformation? Well it was certainly not what I’d intended it to be. It was MORE. Way more …..
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Client:  Recreation Carnegie – Fitness Blog Article
What it is:  Recreation Carnegie is a local gym that inspires members to achieve fitness and motivational success.
Project:  Article ‘Is This Your Year Of Total Fitness Success?
Sample: At Recreation Carnegie, we believe in you, and in your fitness journey. We know how hard our members work, and we know it takes a great motivational mindset to keep reaching for your goals! So we’ve decided to create a weekly blog to share some great motivational ideas with you. To improve your overall wellbeing. To help you stay focused. To throw some happiness and positivity your way!

So let’s start with POSITIVITY: Here are the top 4 classes you can do TODAY at Re-creation Carnegie, to help boost your spirit!!

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Client:  Recreation Carnegie – Fitness Blog Article
What it is:  Recreation Carnegie is a local gym that inspires members to achieve fitness, health and wellness success.
Project:  Article, ‘How To Complement Your Workout’

As you embark on your fitness success story, there are lots of exciting chapters waiting to be opened. If you are in the middle of your fitness chapter, most of you are probably enjoying a steady, enjoyable, comfortable ride on your workout journey! At this stage, your body may start to crave a bit more variety, to tone down the high energy of your workouts. So have you thought of extending yourself, and trying other programs that COMPLIMENT your current exercise regime, that instead focus on calmness, balance and relaxation?

At Recreation Carnegie, we invite you to try these 3 classes that bring the elements of Mind, Body and Spirit together, to help you relax your mind, and open up your fitness spirit:

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