Whether its a fresh Landing or About Me Page you need for your Website, a Storytelling Bio, an Ebook or a Blog review, I will energize your brand with fresh content that reaches out and captures your audience …”

Client: ‘Get A Life Australia’ – TV Show Writer & Reviewer
What it is: Get A Life was an Australian produced television show that ran for 12 episodes on Channel 7s 4ME Channel. It ran from November 2015 – Jan 2016. It was an educational and inspirational Wellness Program for people wanting to create their best life. It shared tips on Health, Fitness, and your Wellbeing.
Project: Get a Life Article – Episode 3 – ‘Today Is A New Beginning’
Sample: Having a Personal Trainer starts you on your road not only to Fitness, but also to Clarity. This is because you are starting to move your body in ways that will be new to you, and you’ll start to concentrate on the moves and exercises, and less on your thoughts. Exercising is like a meditation. You can turn off your thoughts while letting your body take over. In fitness speak, this is called “Being In The Zone”, which refers to the feeling of being in the present moment in your activity, and letting your mind relax while your are expending physical energy and letting your heart pump and your muscles move. Your release of physical energy opens up your mind and soul as well, so your free flowing energy is circling around you even after you’ve finished your fitness regime. No wonder we feel so good after doing our physical activity! And it’s no wonder that we become motivated more and more to create our own fitness success stories!
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Client: Nicole Salinger Writer – Email Newsletter
What it is: Email Newsletter Sample for my Digital Content Services.
Project: Email Newsletter on Mailchimp

Do you need EMPOWERING and UPLIFTING content for your Business, Book or Brand?

Need a Copywriter and INSPIRATIONAL CONTENT SPECIALIST, for your Fitness, Coaching or Wellness Business?

Have I got the words for you!
Websites that are clear and effective.
Ebooks that uplift your audience.
Campaigns that are motivating.
Articles that draw in your readership.
Marketing that brings out your brand.

Fitness …….Energized and Motivational
Coaching ….Empowering
Wellness …..Uplifting
Travel ……..Serene and Mystical

Let’s work together to create your unique words, messages & ideas, to align you with your authenticity and true business purpose.

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Client: Melbourne Celebrant Keren Loyer – Landing Page
What it is: Karen Loyer is an innovative marriage celebrant in Melbourne, Australia.
Project: Landing Page – Melbourne Celebrant Keren Loyer
Sample: Hi, I’m Keren and welcome to my page. I’d love to share my story about how I became a Celebrant.

Being a Celebrant complements my outgoing, positive personality and my genuine passion for people. It combines everything that is important to me in my life. My passionate values of love, family and bringing people together. The joy and satisfaction of helping couples weave and define their paths towards a lifelong  journey of love and fulfillment.

To be able to do this for others is such a blessing.

Speaking of blessings, I am a Mum to three gorgeous boys, a wife to an amazingly supportive man and a daughter to parents who have instilled in my sister and I the values of family, friendship and a deep sense of community.

It is my passion to be able to bring two people together in a customized fashion that suits both parties. When my husband and I were engaged, we found it a challenge to get married in a traditional sense, as we were from different faiths. Being Jewish and marrying my non-Jewish husband, I was unable to be married by a Rabbi. However it was important to us that we included the Jewish traditions, such as being married under a Chuppah, Breaking the Glass and reciting the Seven Blessings.

Since that time, helping couples facing the same challenges as I did is what fuelled my passion to become a Celebrant who combines the Cultural elements of various ethnicity’s within a single Ceremony.

Since 2009, I have proudly performed hundreds of Wedding Ceremonies, Naming Day Ceremonies and Commitment Ceremonies.

Each couple I meet is unique. So from a first meeting, by asking questions and getting to know the couple, I am able to make a ceremony personal, warm and fun.

I would love the opportunity to meet with you, to help you plan and be part of your special day.


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Client:  Terry Bahat – Bio
What it is:  Terry Bahat is the author of Fit Mind, Fab Body, an Ebook I edited, where I also rewrote her biography as well.
Project:  Writing and Editing – Fit Mind, Fab Body Ebook
Sample: Terry Bahat is a passionate Health Coach and Fitness Trainer. She empowers women to look and feel gorgeous, helping them to rebuild their self confidence and self-esteem. She is also a much loved motivational coach, and resilience expert, successfully known for her highly effective, FUN fitness programs for women that increase energy, vitality, stamina & strength. She also educates, encourages and guides her lady-trainees toward radiant health, optimum body weight and a healthy lifestyle.

Above all, Terry’s mission and strength is in coaching women to believe in themselves, and develop a successful Mind-Set to get the results and happiness they desire and deserve.

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Client:  Project2fitness – About Me Page
What it is:  Project2fitness is a local outdoor training business that inspires members to achieve fitness, health and wellness success.
Project:  About Me Page
Sample: Hi! I’m Tu, and I can’t wait to be your fitness coach!

I’ve been training people of all ages and fitness levels for many years with great success. But with success comes hard work – and no one knows that better than me.

Despite many challenges in NZ, my family and friends always inspired me to find a life purpose. And I found it a lot sooner than expected. I found it at my local gym at just 17 years of age.

It was there that I developed my passion, drive and dedication as a group fitness instructor. As my confidence grew, I began wanting to help others feel good about themselves too. So, filled with possibilities and a yearning to break out of my comfort zone, I moved to Australia to pursue my fitness career.

My clients tell me I am a ‘people person’, and that my smile alone shows them how much I care for their wellbeing. That is the greatest compliment I could receive.

I believe that with hard work, we can achieve whatever we want. I also believe that everyone is a ‘work in progress’, with room to grow better, bigger and stronger.

Welcome to my world. Welcome to Project2fitness.

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