Do you need words of Empowerment for your Business, Book or Brand?  

Are you looking for fresh, motivational content for your Business Coaching Magazine or Personal Training Website?

Are you looking for a compelling writer for your vision or mission statement?

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What is a Motivational Coaching Writer?

A motivational writer specializes in uplifting people through words of empowerment. It’s messages and tone touches a listener’s emotions in a future focused way. Readers are drawn to this kind of motivational writing content, as it gives them courage to face obstacles in their lives. A motivational tone that a writer uses needs to be sensitive and mindful of someone’s vulnerable emotions and feelings. Readers, clients and customers are almost always looking for guidance and direction. You are their leader and pathfinder for their purpose to be found.


What Nicole Salinger Motivational Coaching Writer Can Offer You:

  • Motivational Speeches to bring out your company’s message, mission and vision.
  • Inspirational Web Content that makes your magazine articles stand out.
  • Meaningful and Insightful Words to engage your audience.

Why Would You Require A Motivational Coaching Writer?

  • To assist you with your memoir to make your book a memoir to remember!
  • Writing ‘future focused’ content to motivate your members.
  • To write a motivational article for your blog or coaching website.

What Kinds Of Businesses Would Require a Motivational Coaching Writer?

  • Life Coaches
  • Business Coaches
  • Affirmation Products
  • B2B Health Business Coaches
  • Mindset Coaches
  • Food Coaches
  • Fitness Coaches
  • Confidence Coaches





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