Hello, I’m Nicole Salinger, a Wellness Copywriter, Storyteller and Author. I create Motivational and inspirational content for the Wellness, Fitness, Coaching and Personal Growth Sectors. I also author and host a Spiritual self help blog called “Spiritual Fitness”,  to uplift women.

I have lived a very interesting life, and have always been fueled by challenging my abilities, both as an artist, performer and creative arts entrepreneur. After earning a BFA in Theatre and Writing from the Boston Conservatory, I worked extensively singing and performing in various musical productions and plays in the US,  U.K. and in Sydney, Australia. After having 4 children, I became quite entrepreneurial, and turned my creative talents to illustrating, and for 15 years, built “The Bub Club”, a designer gift packaging brand, supplying gift tags, gift bags and wrapping paper to over 200 independent baby and children’s stores Australia wide.

5 years ago, after my divorce, I turned to Fitness and Wellness activities to heal my mind, body and soul. I was so inspired by its positive effects, that I picked myself up, and earned Professional Certifications in Fitness & Wellness Coaching. I was so inspired by my emotional transformation, that I started my blog, Spiritual Fitness, to share my positive experience and inspire other women to redefine their lives.

I received such positive feedback that incredible opportunities started to present themselves, and I began writing articles for other coaching and personal growth websites around the world. My confidence to write inspiring and uplifting content grew, and I realized that there was a gap in the fitness, wellness and coaching marketplace for original, empowering content, So, my writing services were born to close that gap!

My services include Copywriting, Ghostwriting and Storytelling services for your website, ebook or content marketing needs. I am your content booster. But I provide more than just reframing your words!


Why work with me?

  • I am an empowering Wordsmith, blending powerful, engaging Storytelling to help boost your business, and get a return on your investment.
  • I draw out your unique, personal story for your book, brand or online presence.
  • I have a sound understanding of marketing principles, with previous experience as a creative entrepreneur and saleswoman.
  • I draw out your unique, personal story for your book, brand or online presence.

Let Me Be Your Voice, Let Me Tell You Story.

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