“To feel better about yourself, you must welcome CHANGE into your life, and not to question what these changes are, whatever the outcome.  Change is everywhere. She is constant. Change exists in places and things all around us, all the time. People change, the seasons change, and mother nature even promotes change, by watching over the evolvement of a caterpillar shedding its old skin, getting ready to turn into a butterfly. She is there in the shadowy steps of every breath you take, of every life decision you make, and she follows you and guides you through every obstacle or challenge that comes across your path.”


Change came to me 7 years ago, when I experienced a divorce. In the aftermath of it, I felt I had lost a sense of myself, and my life’s values & beliefs. I indeed felt lost. Taking care of 4 young children, I knew I needed to stay positive. I knew I needed a desperate boost of positivity in my life but I didn’t know how to psychologically get there, and stay there. I would gaze at my reflection in the mirror and feel spiritually bereft  –  I longed to search for the vivacious, confident, happy and positive woman I used to be.   

My inner voice of wisdom, compassion and kindness was faintly there, but whispered to me that it was my time time for a change. Not only in my life – but in myself. An internal, deeper change.

But I didn’t understand what a “deeper change” meant. What it meant to go inwards, on an internal quest, to rediscover who I was again.   

So, reluctantly, I took Change’s hand, and a friend before I knew it, I found myself driving to an oasis around the corner- my local gym. Upon entering, I saw a slew of fit women, and felt a wash of fear and intimidation sweep over me. It was quite surreal. I stood in awe as I observed mums, just like me, working hard to get fit. They were like Amazons. They carried themselves with inner confidence. The way they stood. The way they laughed. Their self assurance. Their self esteem was through the roof. They were magnets of positivity.  

But moreover, they looked ALIVE. 

And I realized there and then… That this is what I was missing. I wanted to feel alive again. To get my spirit back. That what I needed to do was get healthy on the inside and out. that I need to heal and completely reframe my Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing.

My quest was quite profound. I loved my health & wellness path so much I ended up teaching Les Mills Shbam & Bodybalance for 3 years. I rebuilt my inner energy  and became a beacon of confidence, motivating members with positive energy. I found my worth again, and healed my mind, body and soul. My rose- coloured glasses came off and my mind became so clear, as well as my intuition. I was so inspired by my inner transformation, that I started blogging about it too, to share my positive experience and inspire other women to redefine their lives.

 I received such positive feedback that I soon got asked to write articles for other coaching and personal growth websites around the world. My confidence to write inspiring and uplifting content grew, and I realized that there was a gap in the marketplace for original, inspiring & empowering content for smaller businesses.

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  • I blend powerful, engaging Storytelling into your product content to help boost your business, and get a return on your investment.
  • I can create and maintain your website, and curate unique social media content for your book, brand or online presence.
  • I have a sound understanding of digital marketing principles and creating campaigns for social media.

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